AMFM Review of "Pop-Up"

July 13, 2016

Review of "Pop-Up" by AMFM Magazine - online culture magazine based in Texas, USA. 

MovieMaker Magazine article

June 08, 2016

Director Stuart McBratney writes about "pragmatism" and "bricolage" in indie filmmaking.

LA Focus interview

June 07, 2016

Stuart McBratney interviewed by "We Are Moving Stories".

LA Weekly "Five Best Bets at Dance With Films"

January 01, 2020

LA Weekly names Pop-Up as one of its "five best bets" of the Dances With Films festival, citing is dialogue, and its mix of comedy and drama.

ABC News interview with Stuart McBratney

September 26, 2015

Interview with Stuart McBratney on Pop-Up for ABC News Australia.

"Harnessing Chance" - Zeiss lenses on Pop-Up

February 04, 2016

Zeiss lenses interviews Director of Photography Clinton Harn on the production of "Pop-Up".

NBN News

May 12, 2016

Interview with Stuart McBratney and Brenton Prince on NBN News, Newcastle, Australia. Filmed at Tuff'N Up Boxing Gym.

Film Chosen for Hollywood - article in The Herald

May 12, 2016

Helen Gregory of The Herald interviews Newcastle locals Stuart McBratney and Brenton Prince about Pop-Up's selection for the Dances With Films festival in Hollywood.

Interview on Alba TV (Romanian)

November 23, 2014

Interview with Eduard Schneider, Laura Vasiliu, Clara Voda and Maria Ploae in Sebes.

University of Newcastle article on Stuart McBratney's PhD

May 12, 2016

Article by the University of Newcastle about Stuart McBratney's PhD by creative work, for which he produced "Pop-Up". 

Cinema Zero interview (podcast)

July 14, 2014

Tom Wilton interviews Stuart McBratney for his Cinema Zero podcast.

The Follower interview with Stuart McBratney

September 06, 2015

Interview with Stuart McBratney about the making of "Pop-Up".

ABC radio interview with Stuart McBratney

August 19, 2014

Interview with Stuart McBratney in the lead-up to principal photography.

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